Top-Accessed Unique Sites

The internet is an amazing resource chock full of sites that cater to every interest. You can browse beautiful art, find the guy or girl of your dreams, explore your sexual desires, talk about your favorite video games, and so much more. It can be a challenge to find great resources though, so here’s a guide to some of the best sites in a handful of popular categories.

ART – Don’t let the name scare you. Deviant Art is comprised of tens of thousands of hugely talented artists and the people that follow and love them. The well-designed site lets users upload their original creations to be appreciated by the community. Users can comment on artwork, chat about what they love, and share links to other amazing pieces. There are beautiful photos, incredible drawings, cartoons, and much more. Really, any kind of art you can think of is featured at Deviant Art, including some that does live up to the name. You can also purchase prints of anything you see on the site to support the artists and build your collection. – was founded with the goal of making art accessible to anyone with an internet connection and they’ve built an impressive site to fulfill their mission. They currently have a collection of more than 300,000 images of various artworks and feature more than 40,000 artists in their database. If you’re just getting started it’s a great place to learn about art and if you’re already an avid collector it’s a great place to grow your knowledge and find new pieces that you want to add to your collection. The site is enormous, updated daily, and maintained by people dedicated to the art world. – Colossal began as a simple personal art blog run by a man with a wild passion for art and design. It has since grown into one of the most popular art and design blogs on the internet with 15-25 posts a week that highlight talented new artists, art you absolutely need to see, and thoughts on design. It’s a great place to grow your knowledge of art and technique, to find incredible photos, paintings, illustrations, and architectural beauty. The people behind the site are hugely passionate and that makes it a thrill to visit.

ADULT – Porn tube sites are overwhelmingly popular these days as the allure of free streaming video is too much to resist. PornHub is one of the leading sites in the genre (though there are literally thousands to choose from) with a smart design, tens of thousands of videos to choose from, daily updates, and an impressive number of true high definition videos. They work with content producers to offer exclusive clips to their users and ensure that most genres you can imagine are covered, so whatever you desire or kink is, PornHub has something for you and is largely guaranteed to get you off. – Webcam sites have exploded in popularity in recent years as ever more people have gotten access to high speed internet and the cam models have gotten their hands on HD cameras and high quality microphones to capture the sounds of their lusty moans. Chaturbate is a leader in the business thanks to their great collection of models and fantastic business model. Instead of the girls and MILF's doing one on one shows that can cost up to $5/minute for the viewer the ladies perform for a group, some of whom choose to tip. Typically the girl will set goals and if she hits a certain amount she’ll show her pussy, masturbate, cum with toys, have anal sex, etc. – People have become less interested in paying for porn these days, but opening your wallet is still the best way to get access to the highest quality girls, photo galleries, and videos. Reality Kings runs a network of roughly two dozen sites that produce some of the finest content online. The sites of Reality Kings network are optimized as they should and can be accessed from a one single place. They do a great job of mixing in new girls and established pornstars to keep the site fresh and with 2-3 updates a day you really do get your money’s worth. Most of the content is filmed in South Florida so they have access to stunningly hot girls all year round.

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VIDEO STREAMING – In the world of video streaming there’s YouTube and there’s everyone else, at least for now. Videos generate higher ad rates so everyone is trying to get in on the game (like Facebook, for instance), but no site currently comes close to the incredible traffic generated by the first site to make streaming video online so popular. You can find almost anything on YouTube, from internet celebs with hugely popular channels to cat videos to people playing through video games while you watch. Nowadays they do live streaming and recently introduced a monthly subscription service that eliminates advertisements from the service. – Vimeo is an apt competitor to YouTube that has largely focused on delivering higher quality content to its users. You can still find the same kind of low-engagement stuff that other sites deliver, but Vimeo marketed itself to artists in hopes of creating a more passionate community and they’ve succeeded. From the start the viewing experience has been better on Vimeo, with a smoother player and a design that emphasizes making it pleasant to watch their videos over everything else. The result is a site that people love and more people should visit. – is exclusively dedicated to streaming video games. An entire industry has sprung up around the site’s ability to let you watch other people play games and the audience engagement has been incredible. Millions of people visit the site daily and watch tens of thousands of games being played. Viewers can buy monthly subscriptions to their favorite channels for bonus content and to support the people that entertain them. Shows are often archived so you can watch what you’ve missed. Any sort of game you can imagine can be streamed, from PC based to those on the consoles.

DATING – Online dating is a big deal these days, and OkCupid is the leader in the free realm. Most sites charge a monthly fee before you can send messages, allowing you to browse profiles before paying but not letting you make any dates. OkCupid lets you sign up in just a few minutes and get right down to business sending messages and making dates. Their user base is huge so there’s almost always someone worth dating in your local area. You can pay for upgrades to your profile and a better browsing experience (like the removal of ads) but it’s not necessary. – is one of the leading online dating websites and they claim more marriages have resulted from their service than any other. There was a time when finding a significant other online was looked down upon, but those days have passed and almost every single person is online looking for someone to date or hook up with. Match charges a monthly fee before you’re allowed to message anyone, but if you find the person you want to marry there’s no amount of money that’s too much. – You’ve probably heard about Tinder since almost every single person has used it to at least have some fun swiping. It’s a dating app for your smart phone and lets you look through people in your local area with a simple swipe of your hand. They claim more than 9 billion matches have been made, though it’s hard to know what that really means. The app isn’t known for making the best of matches, to be honest, but it’s so darn popular that you’re going to find more people looking for their special someone on it than anywhere else, and that’s a good thing since online dating is a numbers game.

GAMING – Kotaku has become one of the most popular and influential gaming blogs online and they continue to tirelessly craft readable content for their fans on a daily basis. They’ve gotten criticism for sloppy journalism in the past and they deserved it, but their job is largely to entertain and they’re great at it. You’ll find informative news posts about the latest games, fun lists designed to generate conversation, reviews of the latest releases, and much more. – IGN is one of the longest-running video game websites online and they continue to produce a breathtaking array of content. As video content has overtaken the internet they’ve launched multiple weekly shows with reviews and news updates and they continue to write a huge number of articles on a daily basis. They’re often granted exclusives for the biggest video games of the year and they provide fantastic coverage that usually pleases their readers. They cover pop culture as well as video games, though their bread and butter will always be digital entertainment. – There are thousands of video games you play from your browser or phone and Kongregate gives you access to most of them. They’re all free (though some have extra content you can purchase) and they tend to be quick and easy to learn and enjoy. Genres like tower defense and idle games are hugely popular on Kongregate as they can be played in quick bites and enjoyed immediately. The most popular games on the site have been played more than ten million times, a testament to their ability to entertain people. To entice you to play Kongregate offers a leveling up system, monthly prizes, chat rooms to socialize with your fellow players, and much more.